Albania, Greece to take maritime dispute to Hague

Albania, Greece to take maritime dispute to Hague

- Albania sees Greece as valuable neighbor, says Prime Minister Edi Rama

News Service AA

Albania and Greece said Tuesday they will ask the international court in The Hague to resolve a dispute over maritime borders in the Ionian Sea.

The joint decision was announced by the neighboring Balkan countries during Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias's visit to Tirana.

“We have agreed to pass on this case to international justice,” Dendias said after meeting Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Rama said all problems that need to be resolved between the two countries have been agreed to be addressed and resolved in a constructive spirit and good faith.
Albania sees Greece as a valuable neighbor, said Rama, as he noted Greece has always been a strategic partner for Albania and that will continue.
Although talks on the delimitation of maritime officially started in April 2018, a final agreement was not reached and talks were suspended.
Dendias also met with President Ilir Meta and Deputy Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj.
The visit was protested in front of the Albanian Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.
Protesters argued that the visit was not about any issue concerning Albania but merely aimed at advancing the Greek agenda.


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