‘Aquarium of Saros’ in Turkey draws attention of diving enthusiasts

Almost 100,000 people visit natural aquarium in northwestern Gulf of Saros, says local source

10:08 . 24/07/2021 Cumartesi
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The Port of Ibrice, called the "aquarium" of the Gulf of Saros in northwestern Turkey, welcomes local and foreign diving enthusiasts.

Diver candidates, accompanied by instructors, dive into artificial reefs where the Dardanelles battles were revived and the area where the Airbus A330 passenger plane was located.

Diving schools located in the port continue practical and theoretical training, while relatives of divers can also vacation on the beaches in the Gulf of Saros.

Dives are performed in accordance with coronavirus measures. After diving, accessories such as glasses, flippers, snorkels, clothes are all disinfected.

Gulf of Saros
About 100,000 visits to Ibrice region

Kesan Mayor Mustafa Helvacioglu told Anadolu Agency that the city is called the Port of Ibrice the "evil eye bead and aquarium" of Saros.

"After the Sunken reefs and the aircraft, the tank sinking work will also be accomplished. There are about 100,000 visits in Ibrice region.

“If there is an economy brought about by diving tourism in Egypt, we are also working in our gulf with our Trakya Development Agency and Edirne governorship,” said Helvacioglu.

He said that the city will create a campground in Ibrice for diving tourism, stressing: "We will add professionalism to Ibrice. Diving is an expensive sport. We will offer better conditions to the fans who perform this sport.”

“Accommodation, camping and caravan tourism will be offered to divers. Apart from that, we will solve infrastructure problems. There's potential, we need to process Ibrice. We started to do the work of it,” he added.

Daily growing interest

Turkish Water Sports Federation Edirne Representative Ozkan Arsu also said the Port of Ibrice has become the center of attraction for underwater sports.

Arsu, who stated that Ibrice is the cleanest area in terms of diving tourism around the northwestern province of Istanbul, said: "They reach here in three hours from Istanbul. After the weekend dip, they also take a family vacation. The popularity of this place is growing day by day."

Arsu mentioned that 80,000 to 120,000 divers come to the region every year.

He stressed that the arrival of divers with their families also mobilizes tourism, "from the point of view of tourism, this number is about 1.5 million with their families and relatives. Interest in Ibrice is growing day by day. Divers also contribute to the region in an economic sense.”

Favorite place for divers from Istanbul

Diving instructor Ferhat Kurt expressed that there has been a 100% increase in the number of divers in the Port of Ibrice in the last 10 years.

Kurt, who said that diving schools were previously located in the port, moved out of the port under the new regulation, noted that they continued activities without problems, although they moved to the sea and boats.

Instructor Ahmet Yumurtaci also said they give half an hour of theoretical training to candidates of the diver and then experience diving together underwater.

He noted that even those who do not know how to swim can dive accompanied by instructors.

Diving center owner Serdar Savasal emphasized that his facility started diving on July 1 and received intensive diving reservations.

Mentioning that they take advantage of not having mucilage-related problems, Savasal said those who want to dive can realize their underwater dream at an affordable price.

Diving candidate Behlul Dalli also expressed that he was looking forward to seeing the underwater after training.

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‘Aquarium of Saros’ in Turkey draws attention of diving enthusiasts
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