Austrian Airlines to halt flights from Vienna to Tehran due to increasing regional tensions

Austria's Foreign Ministry echoes Germany's call by advising its nationals to leave Iran

12:44 - 13/04/2024 السبت
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Austrian Airlines announced Friday that it would halt all flights from Vienna to Tehran until April 18 because of increasing tensions in the region, according to the Austrian newspaper, Kurier.

“Routes that pass through Iranian air space will also be modified,” it said in a statement.

Passenger safety and crews have the “highest priority,” it added.

Unlike parent company, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines had persisted in flying for a longer duration, since Vienna's proximity to Tehran allowed for easier flight cancelations or the possibility of accommodating staff overnight in Tehran, if necessary.

Earlier Friday, Austria's Foreign Ministry echoed Germany's call by advising its citizens to leave Iran.

"Travel to Iran is advised against. Austrians are urged to leave Iran," said the ministry. "Due to the currently tense situation in the region, increased risk is expected, especially in the coming days.”

Germany had urged its citizens to leave Iran on Friday amid escalating tensions in the Middle East.

The Foreign Ministry issued a travel warning for Iran after Western media reported that Tehran could retaliate against Israel within the next 24 to 48 hours for an airstrike on the Iranian Consulate in Syria that killed top military officials. Tel Aviv has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

“The current tensions in the region, particularly between Israel and Iran, pose the risk of a sudden escalation. The security situation can deteriorate quickly and without warning,” it said.

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