Dust-laden air engulfs Turkey

Dust-laden air engulfs Turkey

Weather forecast warns of movement of dust-laden air from North Africa

News Service AA

The Turkish State Meteorological Service warned on Friday that dust-laden air would surround Turkey's Central Anatolia, Marmara, west of Black Sea region, west of Mediterranean provinces and south and coastal parts of Aegean region.

The movement of dust is coming from North Africa, the Meteorological Service said in a written statement.

The dust-laden air will cause a decrease in range of vision and muddy-like rain, the statement added.

The dust-laden air has already entered major cities of Turkey, including capital Ankara, central Anatolian city of Eskisehir, Aegean cities of Izmir and Mugla, western Black Sea Region province of Bolu and Bartin, and Marmara region city of Sakarya.

Several cars in these provinces could be seen covered in mud because of muddy rains.

A faculty member of Istanbul Technical University's Department of Meteorological Engineering, Associate Professor Huseyin Turan said dust-laden air is expected to continue in Turkey until Sunday.

Turan said because of the low-pressure system over the Mediterranean, the dust-laden air had been directed towards Turkey.

"Right now, the dust-laden air has affected the southern of Mediterranean, Saudi Arabia, some parts of Syria and deserts.

"Saturday and Sunday will be the last two days that the dust-laden air will be effective. In case of rain, the dust will continue to cover the earth," Turan added.


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