Ex-Istanbul mayor dies at 76

Ex-Istanbul mayor dies at 76

Veteran politician Kadir Topbas was hospitalized in November due to coronavirus-related complications

News Service AA

Kadir Topbas, the former mayor of Istanbul, passed away on Saturday at the age of 76.

He was hospitalized last November after he contracted COVID-19.

Topbas was elected mayor of Istanbul in 2004 as candidate of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, and maintained his position until 2017 when he resigned.

In 2004, he became the head of Istanbul-based United Cities and Local Governments, Middle East and West Asia Regional Government, and vice president of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). He became UCLG co-chair in 2007.

Topbas was the first politician to have won three consecutive local elections in Istanbul.

He is survived by three children and his wife.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a tweet he was deeply saddened at the demise of Topbas and his contributions to Istanbul and Turkey would not be forgotten.


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