Exodus exhibit to go digital on World Refugee Day

Exodus exhibit to go digital on World Refugee Day

Exhibition features moments captured by top photographers in perilous journeys of refugees around the world

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A photography exhibition focusing on the stories of millions of people fleeing persecution around the world will go online on June 20, marked globally as World Refugee Day.

Exodus – Deja vu has garnered international acclaim since it was first held in 2016 and features the works of renowned photographers and photojournalists such as Coskun Aral, Guillermo Arias, Yalda Moayeri, and Sergey Ponomarev among others.

Anadolu Agency is the global communications partner for the event, alongside other reputed organizations including UNHCR and Amnesty International.

Former Anadolu Agency photographer Atilgan Ozdil’s work will also be showcased in the exhibition.

The event is organized by Kuala Lumpur-based arts and culture agency Visioncy and curated by its director Patrice Vallette.

- Around the world

The first Exodus exhibition was held in 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, followed by showings in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ankara, and Istanbul.

It was due to tour European and US cities in 2020 but those plans were shelved due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The organizers, though, remain undeterred and have completed preparations for a virtual exhibition, incorporating the various possibilities for expression of art and ideas offered by modern technology.

The exodus began with contributions from five photographers and now showcases the moments captured by a dozen photojournalists in the perilous journeys of refugees in different parts of the world.


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