Extraordinary decisions should be taken at the OIC summit

If you do not take action today to protect Jerusalem, tomorrow, all of us, the entire Muslim world will lose Mecca and Medina. The center of Islam will be pillaged, and our holy cities will become targets

Ersin Çelik
10:54 . 13/12/2017 Çarşamba
Yeni Şafak
Dome of the Rock at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Dome of the Rock at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Leaders of Muslim countries who have convened in Istanbul today!

You are facing a major test. You are either going to be the pioneers of history or take your place on the wrong side and lead to the collapse of the entire region. Today, you are obliged to make a decision for our countries, our people, our geography, our sacred values, for our past and our future; you are obliged to give hope, to show an honorable path. You are obliged to make a decision that will relieve our hearts of the pangs of pain we feel for Jerusalem.

You are obliged to draw a path so that the waves of Western invasion targeting our region can be combatted, to show our people that they are not alone, to lead, to start a march with strong steps.

Leaders of Muslim countries!

You are obliged to speak up in a powerful voice that will spread in waves throughout the Muslim geography, spanning the Atlantic and Pacific shores and that will reveal the strength of the region. You are obliged to feel this spectacular strength and take decisions accordingly.

You are obliged to take action against the occupation of Jerusalem, one of the most sacred centers and symbols of the Muslim world, against it being made the capital of Israel. You have to make decisions that will protect Jerusalem, bravely announce these decisions and make military and political preparations to protect Jerusalem.

Leaders of Muslim countries!

If you are unable to protect Jerusalem today, if you cannot stand up against Jerusalem being recognized as Israel’s capital, if you bow down to the U.S. and Israel today, if you avoid these grave responsibilities today with various excuses and justifications, you will disappoint the masses that have pinned their hopes on you, you will bury them in despair and will never be able to find an opportunity like this in the future. You will lose your countries, your cities, and your homelands. The waves of invasion aimed at our region will, step by step, grabble at your borders and come knocking at your door.

If you sacrifice Jerusalem today, if you keep silent, if you choose to ingratiate yourselves with the invaders, if you reach an agreement with them, if you bow down to them and hide behind the excuse of “we aren’t strong enough,” you will disappear into the forgotten pages of history.

If you do not take action today to protect Jerusalem, tomorrow, all of us, the entire Muslim world will lose Mecca and Medina. The center of Islam will be pillaged, and our holy cities will become targets. The war is going to shift to the heart of Islam. Our beliefs and the values we hold in high esteem will be insulted and belittled. Our countries are going to be destroyed, and our cities will be turned into ruins.

Leaders of Muslim countries!

Have we not learnt a lesson from the settlement of Western armies in Mesopotamia; have we not learnt from their settlement in Afghanistan; have we not learnt from the establishment of garrisons in every corner of our region? Have we not learnt from the invasion of Iraq, the division of Libya, the Syria war and the Yemen war?

Have we not learnt a lesson from consecutive Western coup and civil war scenarios being served in Turkey? Have we not learnt a lesson from Muslims being declared as terrorists, the “war against Islam” theories, and ethnic and sectarian war projects? Have we not learnt a lesson from the evils of those who have been turning this region into a bloodbath for centuries? Have we not learnt our lesson from those who pillage our lands and our resources?

Leaders of Muslim countries!

Do we not see how many more countries are going to be dragged into civil war, experience invasions, how many more cities are going to be turned into ruins, how many more Muslim communities are going to be targeted? They are implementing an invasion plan that spreads throughout all of the 21st century. No country is beyond this threat, do we not see this?

The ethnic wars, sectarian wars, and conflicts of interests among yourselves are nothing compared to this grand plan, do we not understand? Can we not see that these fights are intentionally sparked, that they are targeting our weak spots on purpose?

Leaders of Muslim countries!

Let Jerusalem wake you up and unite you. If you are unable to do this for Jerusalem today, know that you will not be able to do it for Mecca or Medina tomorrow, you will not be able to unify. Know that you will not be able to gather, make a decision and take action when all of Islam’s sanctity is also being plundered.

Gather and give one another strength; take strong strides; let the billions rally behind you. Establish a resistance line against the new wave of invasion targeting the whole region; build positions; form a solidarity axis, and take action to protect your countries.

Leaders of Muslim countries!

You are strong. Your countries are strong, your resources are strong, your history is strong, your political legacy is strong, your people are strong and they have faith in you.

Take note of this power, join it, combine it and take action. Unite the wealth of Muslim countries that constitute the main axis of the earth, unite their military and political power, and form closeness between masses through a common language and political discourse.

That is when no pressure, attack or invasion plan will pose a threat to any of our countries. Those dirty calculations, plans, evils, and threats are not going to be able to pass our borders, you can be sure of it.

Leaders of Muslim countries!

Make a start with Jerusalem. Prepare the ground for the emergence of a new power with the steps you take to protect Jerusalem. Sever your ties with those who declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel; distance yourselves from those who cooperate with them, and impose economic and political sanctions on them.

From now on, whichever Muslim country is attacked, lay claim to the country without any precondition, protect it, and take a stance against the aggressive countries without hiding behind any excuses. Terrorist organizations are being used as tools of war to destroy our countries, and they are being released in our region as invasion forces. Wage a joint war against all of them.

Form a Jerusalem Force and thus, lay the foundation of a new military alliance, establish defense cooperation, and arm one another. Take immediate, urgent steps to end the clashes in Muslim territories, establish crisis centers, and develop peace initiatives. End the Syrian war; ensure stability in Iraq; solve the Yemen crisis; start initiations that will not allow Libya to fall into foreign hands. Take a united stance against the Iranian-Saudi war scenarios which is the most dangerous scenario that will devastate the region.

Leaders of Muslim countries!

The region’s map is being redrawn again a century later. Partition maps for each of your countries are circulating table. They do not see any of you as friends or allies. They are dividing you into fronts; they appear as friends to some of you and an enemy to others, and prevent you from uniting. By doing this, they attempt blatant actions, similar to the Jerusalem matter. They believe there will be no reaction from you. Surprise them, shock them. Negate their games, their plans and their calculations.

Leaders of Muslim countries!

Every step you will take today for Jerusalem, every decision you will take, the stance and courage you display will start a new era, change history and prepare the ground for the region to start rising once again . Therefore, take extraordinary decisions, challenge them, show the entire world that we are not helpless or without protection.

Do not forget, two billion people are waiting for you to speak up, and are waiting for a sign. Make your decision by thinking about your countries alone, your homelands alone, your sacred values alone, our freedom, our independency, and our honor alone. Your countries, your people, your history, our future plans are with you. Feel this power, gain support from this power and shake the world.

Leaders of Muslim countries!

Do not leave Palestine alone in this great struggle.

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