FETÖ-linked Turkish officials seek asylum in Germany

FETÖ-linked Turkish officials are staying at NATO bases in Germany, even after they being called to return in the wake of the July 15 failed coup attempt

Ersin Çelik
14:05 . 16/11/2016 Wednesday
Yeni Şafak

According to Deutsche Welle Turkish, after the failed coup on July 15, around 60 Turkish citizens who carry diplomatic passports have not departed from Germany up until now, even though they were called to return, as well as their terms had expired and passports were cancelled.

Most of them are reportedly military personnel at NATO bases and some have requested asylum from Germany, including A.D., a defense attaché to Turkey's Berlin Embassy. The 60 people are not only officials, but members of families who have diplomatic passports.

Straining Ankara-Berlin ties

While those who did not return and requested for asylum have caused tension in relations between Turkey and Germany, Turkey, which had sent the list of officials whose passports were cancelled, continues its diplomatic efforts to prevent them from obtaining asylum.

Expressing the vitality of the matter, Turkey clearly stated that the probes relating to the failed coup and FETÖ are a national security issue and conveyed its expectation to allied countries regarding their extradition.

NATO links

Among those who refused to return were military officials who took part in critical NATO missions and hold vital information regarding the alliance. For that reason, it has turned into a concern not only for Germany but other allied countries. ''We are carefully keeping a tab on developments about them and evaluating the processes precisely,'' said a Turkish official who spoke to Deutsche Welle.

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