Finland says Russia systematically pushes irregular migrants into country

Some migrants were obliged to cross the border against their will, say border authorities

09:28 - 20/11/2023 Monday
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Finland has accused Russia of systematically pushing irregular migrants into the country, local media reported Sunday.

Citing Capt. Jouko Kinnunen, the head of the southeastern border station of Vartius, public broadcaster YLE said Russian authorities are actively and systematically bringing irregular migrants to the border area and forcing them across the border.

Kinnunen said Russian border authorities have pushed people through the border opening and then closed the gates behind them, making it impossible for them to return to Russia.

He added there were signs that some people had been obliged to cross the border against their will.

On Nov. 16, Finland announced its decision to close four border crossings with Russia from midnight of Nov. 17 in response to suspicions that Russian officials had allowed undocumented asylum seekers to arrive at the Finnish border in growing numbers.

The following day, Helsinki issued another statement warning that the government was prepared to take additional action if the decision to close four border crossing points with Russia did not help calm the situation on the eastern border with Russia.

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