Five PKK terrorists surrender to Turkish security forces

Five PKK terrorists surrender to Turkish security forces

Number of terrorists that turn themselves in reaches 223 this year, says Interior Ministry

News Service AA

Five PKK terrorists have surrendered to Turkish security forces, according to the Interior Ministry on Saturday.

The terrorists escaped the PKK terror group and turned themselves in to security forces as a result of the persuasion efforts by the police and gendarmerie forces in coordination with the Interior Ministry, the ministry said in a statement.

The terrorists joined the separatist terrorist group between 1995 and 2015, it said, adding they have operated in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.

It said that one of the terrorists was associated with the terror group for 25 years.

With the latest additions, the number of terrorists, who laid down their arms through persuasion efforts, has reached 223 this year, the ministry said.


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