'Fluctuations in macroeconomic indicators don't reflect Turkey's reality'

'Fluctuations in macroeconomic indicators don't reflect Turkey's reality'

Turkish industry and technology minister says country on path of production, employment and innovation

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Fluctuations in macroeconomic indicators do not reflect the reality of the Turkish economy, the country's industry and technology minister said on Friday.

Turkey's economy is on the path of production, employment, and innovation, Mustafa Varank wrote on Twitter.

"We will take Turkey to the levels it deserves with steps to boost the investment appetite for development," he said.

His remarks came after the Turkish lira lost ground to other currencies.

Late Thursday, the dollar/lira exchange rate hit an all-time high of over 7.30.

After the Central Bank took steps Friday to tighten liquidity conditions, the exchange rate fell below 7.15.

“Unfortunately, there are people who expect the economy to deteriorate, the ship to take on water, the country to fail, and the government to leave [the administration]. They are waiting, rubbing their hands together,” Varank said.

He added that if the country is not the main concern of such people, they cannot benefit the nation.


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