Footage from Al-Shifa Hospital evidence Israel is trying to wipe out Palestinians: Türkiye

Israeli army's actions in Al-Shifa Hospital during 14-day Israeli raid among 'greatest barbarities in human history,' says Turkish Foreign Ministry

10:20 - 2/04/2024 Salı
Update: 10:35 - 2/04/2024 Salı
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Footage that emerged from Gaza's largest hospital after a 14-day Israeli incursion is strong evidence that Tel Aviv seeks to eradicate Palestinians, Türkiye's Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

"The crimes committed by Israeli authorities in the last six months have taken their place among the greatest barbarities in human history. Everyone responsible for these crimes will be brought to justice, and the names of those who turn a blind eye to these crimes will be recorded as a black mark in history," the ministry said in a statement on the Israeli army's actions in Al-Shifa Hospital.

It urged the international community to take action to halt Israel's actions, which it said disregard both human conscience and law and pose a threat to global peace and stability.

"Necessary measures must be taken without delay to implement the latest cease-fire resolution adopted by the UN Security Council and the additional measures announced by the International Court of Justice," it added.

The Israeli army said Monday that it wrapped up its military operation at the Al-Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza City, following a 14-day siege and incursion that resulted in scores of casualties and hundreds of arrests.

Earlier, eyewitnesses told Anadolu the army withdrew from inside the Al-Shifa Hospital and the surrounding areas west of Gaza City, leaving scores of casualties and extensive destruction in the hospital and its vicinity.

Israeli forces also burned the buildings of the kidney and maternity wards, mortuary refrigerators, and cancer and burn facilities, and destroyed the outpatient clinic building, according to the witnesses.

According to Palestinian medical sources, the hospital is now completely out of service and the army destroyed all medical equipment in the complex, operation rooms, and intensive care units.

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