French left-wing politician says he received summons by police for pro-Palestine stance

‘We're not going to let ourselves be intimidated,' remarks Annasse Kazib

15:15 - 9/04/2024 الثلاثاء
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A French left-wing politician on Monday said he was summoned by the police for his pro-Palestine stance.

"This weekend I received a summon from the anti-terrorist police as part of an investigation for 'apology of terrorism' following tweets of solidarity with Palestine," Annasse Kazib, who is also a prominent trade unionist, said on X.

Calling for support for pro-Palestine activists, he added: "We're not going to let ourselves be intimidated.”

Activists on social media termed the summons a move meant to repress the movement for Palestine in France.

Israel has waged a military offensive on the Palestinian territory since an Oct. 7 cross-border attack by Hamas which killed nearly 1,200 people.

Over 33,200 Palestinians have since been killed and nearly 76,000 others injured besides causing mass destruction, displacement, and risk of disease and famine.

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