French singer Imany urges audience in Izmir to express solidarity with Palestine

'Raise your fists for a cease-fire in Palestine!' says renowned performer at concert in Türkiye's Aegean region

12:09 - 6/06/2024 Thursday
Fil photo
Fil photo

Renowned French singer Imany called on her fans to show their support for Palestine during her concert in Izmir, Türkiye on Wednesday.

Imany, celebrated for her debut album "The Shape of a Broken Heart," which achieved platinum status in France and Greece and went triple platinum in Poland, graced the stage at the Izmir Kultur Park Open-Air Theatre as part of her tour in Türkiye for her new album Voodoo Cello.

Performing her beloved songs, Imany was joined by the audience in singing along.

During the concert, Imany drew attention to Israel's war in Gaza.

"Everyone here, raise your fists in the air for the innocent people killed all over the world. Raise your fists for a cease-fire in Palestine...Freedom for Palestine! As I said, if one of us is not free, none of us are free."

In response, the audience raised their fists and supported the call with applause and cheers.

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