Georgia condemns Russia’s demand over rescinding NATO pledge to admit Ukraine, Georgia

It is Georgia’s sovereign decision to join NATO, one that is based on unwavering will of Georgian population, says Georgian Foreign Ministry

09:45 . 12/12/2021 Pazar
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Russia's demand for rescinding of NATO pledge to admit Ukraine and Georgia is "unacceptable, Georgia's Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

Georgian Foreign Ministry, in a written statement, said that the decision of the Bucharest Summit in 2008 was renewed at all NATO summits.

Welcoming the Ukraine and Georgia's aspirations for membership, NATO Allies agreed at the Bucharest Summit in 2008 that these countries will become members of NATO.

It is Georgia's "sovereign decision to join NATO, one that is based on the unwavering will of the Georgian population. This aim is also reflected in Georgia's Constitution," said the statement.

It also noted that Russia implements a policy of violence against its neighboring countries and therefore poses a threat to Europe.

Regarding Europe's security, the statement said that Russia's actions remain as Europe's key challenge that is demonstrated by "occupation and annexation the territories of neighboring sovereign countries, disregard of the fundamental principles of international law and the non-fulfillment of its obligations."

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