Germany arrests 3 on suspicion of spying for China

Suspects accused of obtaining information on sensitive military technology and passing these on to Chinese intelligence service

12:54 - 22/04/2024 Monday
File photo
File photo

Germany arrested three persons on suspicion of spying for China, authorities said on Monday.

The three German citizens set up a company to collaborate with universities in order to obtain information on sensitive military technology, the Federal Prosecutor's Office said in a statement.

“The suspects are strongly suspected of working for a Chinese intelligence service,” the prosecutors said, adding that their espionage activities started before June 2022.

At the time of their arrest, the accused were in further negotiations about research projects that could be useful for expanding China's maritime combat power, according to the investigators.

The suspects were also accused of purchasing military-related products and exporting these to China, in violation of dual-use export control laws and regulations.

“The accused purchased a special laser from Germany on behalf of and with payment from the Chinese secret service MSS and exported it to China without authorization,” the prosecutors said.

The suspects were arrested in the western cities of Dusseldorf and Bad Homburg, and the police carried out searches in their homes and workplace, seizing various documents and electronic devices.

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