Germany, France complicit in Gaza genocide, Palestinian rector tells audience in Ankara

Ghassan Abu Sitte says 'Their job is to make sure Israel has enough ammunition. As genocide accomplices, their job is to silence witnesses and bury evidence'

06:59 - 28/05/2024 Tuesday
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Germany and France are complicit in the genocide in the Gaza Strip, said Ghassan Abu Sitte, a Palestinian doctor and rector of the University of Glasgow, on Monday.

While speaking at a meeting hosted by Türkiye's Higher Education Council President Erol Ozvar in the Turkish capital of Ankara, Abu Sitte criticized some nations' silence on Israel's brutal actions against Palestinians as well as their refusal to speak out about the atrocities in besieged Gaza.

"Their job is to make sure Israel has enough ammunition. As genocide accomplices, their job is to silence witnesses and bury evidence," Abu Sitte said.

He vowed to continue speaking out until justice is served, stressing the importance of global solidarity movements in supporting people in Gaza.

Abu Sitte also highlighted Israel's strategic targeting of educational institutions, citing the deliberate destruction of 12 universities in Gaza, the deaths of over 100 professors, rectors, and deans, and the demolition of historical sites."Israel is actually starting its genocide in Gaza from universities. Because if you destroy the universities of a nation, you destroy that nation. This is what we are witnessing, but words are insufficient to describe it," Abu Sitte said, highlighting the complete destruction in all aspects of life.

The rector also lauded Türkiye's consistent support for Palestinians, despite the difficulties the country encountered when discussing Israeli atrocities in Gaza in some European countries."In Türkiye, we are already with people who feel the same tragedy. We know that the Turkish nation shares what we are going through," Abu Sitte said, acknowledging Türkiye's prioritization of Palestinians in education.

As a plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist, Abu Sitte worked in Gaza's Al-Shifa and Al-Ahli Baptist hospitals under challenging conditions due to Israeli attacks and blockades.

He is remembered for holding a press conference in front of the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, which was bombed by Israel on Oct. 17 in Gaza, killing 500 people.

*Writing by Yasin Gungor

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