Greek Cypriot administration to replace Russian T-80U tanks with Israel's Merkava

Defense committee convenes, approves to initiate process for gradual replacement

15:00 - 19/12/2023 Salı
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The Greek Cypriot administration has decided to gradually replace the Russian-made T-80U tanks in the army inventory, according to the Phileleftheros newspaper.

During a four-hour meeting of the defense committee of the Greek Cypriot House of Representatives, it was decided that the 82 Russian-made tanks in the possession of the army will be subject to a gradual replacement process.​​​​​​​

The Defense Ministry aims to initiate contacts to replace the tanks for at least one battalion in 2024 with an additional budget.

The Greek Cypriot administration is said to be considering the purchase of Merkava Mark 3 tanks, which were used as main battle tanks in Israel until 2016.

Although officials are also exploring the possibilities of cooperation with France, Israel is seen as a "reliable ally," and Merkava tanks may be preferred because of technical qualities that match their needs.

Greek military officials, meanwhile, have denied claims that the Russian tanks could be given to Ukraine after the renewal.

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