Haryana's mass demolitions of 1,208 structures in 5 days sparks judicial inquiry

Haryana's rapid demolition of 1,208 structures owned by Muslims in the Nuh district of India prompts a judicial inquiry over alleged targeted property removal.

16:54 - 11/08/2023 Friday
Update: 20:49 - 10/02/2024 Saturday
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Photo credit: Maktoob Media
Photo credit: Maktoob Media

In a swift and contentious operation spanning five days, the provincial administration in Haryana has demolished around 1,208 structures primarily owned by Muslim community members within the Nuh district of India, as reported by Maktoob Media. These demolitions, occurring across 11 towns and hamlets, covering 37 sites and 72.1 acres, have prompted a judicial inquiry due to allegations of targeted property removal.

Triggered by turmoil stemming from a Hindu procession organized by Hindutva groups VHP and Bajrang Dal on July 31, these demolitions have been met with criticism due to the apparent lack of advanced notice provided to affected property owners. Many residents claim to have received little to no warning before bulldozers arrived, leaving them with little time to salvage their belongings.

The Punjab & Haryana High Court intervened on August 7, expressing concerns of potential "ethnic cleansing" due to the seemingly unilateral nature of the demolitions. A restraining order was subsequently issued, and an inquiry initiated to ascertain if the targeted demolition of structures belonging to a specific community was executed under the guise of maintaining law and order. The court's move was fueled by assertions made during the investigation into the violence, including references to the use of bulldozers as a form of "treatment."

By: Mustafa Ghanim

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