Heavy snowfall shuts schools across Turkey

Heavy snowfall shuts schools across Turkey

Cold weather and heavy snowfall hit Turkey, causing closure of schools in 26 provinces across country

News Service AA

Schools across Turkey are closed on Tuesday due to heavy snowfall and ice, according officials.

Authorities in at least 26 out of 81 -- mostly central -- provinces across the country said the schools were closed for the day.

Konya, Bursa, Canakkale, Balikesir, Agri Adiyaman, Bitlis, Tunceli, Karaman, Kocaeli, Erzincan, Sakarya, Mersin are among the provinces hit by heavy snowfall.

Intermittent snowfall is expected in parts of Istanbul, said the Regional Directorate of Meteorology in Istanbul in a statement on its website.

The agency also warned Istanbulites about negative conditions due to ice and frost.


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