Israel lied about what happened at Oct. 7 music festival to ‘justify genocide': Hamas

Israeli media reports exposed government’s lies, says statement by Palestinian resistance group

09:27 - 20/11/2023 понедельник
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Reports by Israeli media that an Israeli combat helicopter opened fire on attendees of the Nova music festival on Oct. 7 “confirm that Israel fabricated lies to justify genocide and displacement from Gaza,” the Palestinian resistance group Hamas said Sunday.

In a statement, Hamas said “what was published by Israeli media, confirming that a Zionist helicopter opened fire on celebrants in the Gaza envelope on Oct. 7 unequivocally proves that the occupation government resorted to fabricating lies and false narratives about the events of that day.”

It added that this was done “to justify the acts of killing and genocide committed by the occupation forces with the aim of displacing Palestinians from their land and homes.”

Hamas considered that “the findings of the investigation undermine all official Zionist claims and narratives, which promoted many lies, including the falsehood of killing children and cutting off their heads, which the occupation could not prove, as well as burning civilians.”

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