Military deployment continues on the Turkey-Syria border

Military deployment continues on the Turkey-Syria border

The armored military vehicles were dispatched to a border town in Turkey's Gaziantep province, just opposite the Syrian border strip, where moderate groups are chasing out Daesh, according to local groups

News Service Yeni Şafak
Turkey has continued to dispatch troops on the border with Syria in its ongoing support for the military operation, Euphrates Shield, launched a week ago to wipe out Jarabulus and its vicinity from Daesh, a terror network operating in northern Syria.

Reports said that eight military tanks and two armored personnel carriers, already stationed at a military base near the town of Qarqamish, Gaziantep, were dispatched to another town, Türkyurdu, near the border of the part of Syria where the operation is on its 8th day.

Local sources say there has been a visible increase in the daily operations along the border line with Syria in morning hours earlier on Wednesday.

30-vehicle military convoy on the Syrian border
Yeni Şafak

30-vehicle military convoy on the Syrian border

Turkish military troops were sent to Şanlıurfa from Diyarbakır 7th Corps Command Headquarters to be deployed on the Syrian border. The convoy left the corps in the evening hours and arrived in Şanlıurfa at night. The military convoy reached the 20th Armored Brigade Command Headquarters by land. It is stated that the convoy included many tanks, first aid equipment and ammunitions.

Approximately 2,000 Syrian opposition fighters, who briefly came to Turkey for preparations, began a heavy assault on Daesh in Jarabulus in a military operation coordinated by Turkey's secret service and military headquarters. Turkey-backed coalition of moderate opposition groups have been fighting under the umbrella of Free Syrian Army (FSA), the largest opposition group fighting in the war-torn country.

The opposition groups, who ensured firm control six days ago in the center of Jarabulus, north of Allepo, continued to steadily march westward from Jarabulus, formerly controlled by the Daesh terror network.

The villages -- Alwaniyyah, Qamir, and Karakuyu, -- have been seized by the opposition groups, fighting to clean a 70-km stretch of an area on the Turkish-Syrian border westward of Jarabulus. Opponent fighters also captured Tel Atiya and Hajah villages, close to Al-Rai town (Çobanbey), just opposite Turkey's Elbeyli village in the ongoing military operation.


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