More cars to use CNG with new stations in Turkey

Currently Turkey has only 27 CNG stations, but hopes to expand this

Anadolu Agency
The expansion of the distribution network in compressed natural gas (CNG) will ensure that more vehicles in Turkey will use this form of fuel, according to a Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) official on Monday.

CNG can be used as an alternative fuel to gasoline, LPG and diesel oil in vehicles in Turkey, but with the change in EMRA's regulations governing CNG use, its popularity is set to increase.

Currently, in comparison to Turkey with only 27 CNG stations across the country, the United States has 1,650 CNG stations, Italy has 1,040 and Germany has 920.

Vehicles that use CNG produce 15 percent less carbon emissions than vehicles that use LPG.

The natural gas market will see a 50 percent growth if all available cars using CNG consume just CNG in Turkey.

CNG proves cheaper than LPG, gasoline and diesel oil.