Muslims in Turkey to observe holy night of Barat

Muslims in Turkey to observe holy night of Barat

Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate issues message marking holy night

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Muslims in Turkey on Saturday will observe the holy night of Barat, also known as Lailat al-Barat, which is regarded as the night of forgiveness and salvation.

Lailat al-Barat is the night of the 15th of Sha'ban on the Islamic lunar calendar.

Ali Erbas, head of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate, tweeted a video message on the occasion.

Erbas said Barat is considered an abundantly blessed night when believers seek divine forgiveness and mercy.

"On the occasion of this blessed night, I wish our nation to be free from all sorts of troubles, misfortunes and diseases, and I pray from Almighty Allah to be able to enter the month of Ramadan free of our sins, and to be one of those who receive salvation on the day of judgment," he said.

Turkey's Vice President Fuat Oktay also marked the holy night for Muslims worldwide.

"I wish the holy night of Barat, which heralds Ramadan-i-Sharif, bring salvation and goodness for our nation, the Muslim world, and all of humanity," he said in a tweet.

Lailat al-Barat is regarded as the night when people’s fortunes for the coming year are decided and when Allah may choose to forgive sinners.

*Writing by Seda Sevencan in Istanbul.


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