Netanyahu vows to expand arming Israeli citizens

Remarks follow deadly shooting attack in Jerusalem

17:17 - 30/11/2023 Thursday
File photo
File photo

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that his government will continue to expand the distribution of weapons to Israeli citizens.

Netanyahu’s remarks came after a shooting attack that left three dead in Jerusalem.

The Israeli prime minister saluted those who killed the two assailants.

“The quick reaction of two soldiers and a civilian managed to eliminate the terrorists and prevented a more dangerous attack,” he said.

Public Security Minister and leader of the far-right Jewish Power party, Itamar Ben Gvir, reiterated his call to arm civilians.

“We have a strong police and we have a strong army, but there is not a policeman everywhere,” he said. "Therefore, wherever citizens have weapons, they can protect lives."

Ben-Gvir vowed to continue distributing arms to Israeli civilians.

Three people, including a woman, were killed and six injured in a shooting attack Thursday in Jerusalem, according to Israeli Channel 12.

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