Nigerian students apply for Turkish scholarships

'I saw Turkey provides quality education and I applied,' says student

Anadolu Agency

Hundreds of Nigerian students applied for scholarships to pursue their higher education in Turkey.

Students and professionals including doctors, engineers, and teachers from Nigeria hope to win scholarships from the Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) and Turkish universities.

Aminu Idrisi Bala, 18, who applied for a degree in nursing, said: "I come from a place where there are very few doctors and nurses. If I become a nurse I will help my community as well as myself. I will save lives."

"I have a dream to study nursing at a university. My brothers and sisters could not go to school because of financial difficulties. I have five sisters and all of them could not continue their studies after middle school. I want to be different from my family, I wish to go to Turkey and study," he added.

Bala said he found out about Turkish scholarships on the internet.

"I saw Turkey provides quality education and I applied. If I win the scholarship and study in Turkey, I am sure I will get quality theoretical and practical education."

Another student named Abiola Ayangbola Husseini wants to study computer engineering. It has been two years since he graduated from high school.

He got accepted 14 times in different Nigerian universities but could not pursue his education due to financial difficulties.

Husseini said he has researched about Turkey.

"Turkey is one of the best places to live comfortably in the world. Turkey is rich in culture and its people are hospitable," he added.

Around 200 Nigerians who applied for undergraduate and graduate studies were interviewed by YTB.


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