N.Korea says it fired ballistic missiles in response to US, South Korea military drill

‘Tactical nuclear-armed unit’ in western region of North Korea fired the missiles, says Pyongyang

09:31 - 31/08/2023 Perşembe
Update: 12:12 - 31/08/2023 Perşembe
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North Korea said Thursday that it had held a “tactical nuclear strike exercise” in response to joint military drills by the US and South Korea.On the US/South Korean drills, the North Korean General Staff said “US imperialists” and South Korean “military gangsters” let a formation of B-1B nuclear strategic bombers conduct a joint attack formation drill against North Korea in the sky above the East and West Seas.

Blasting what they called “aggressive war exercises,” the General Staff said such drills “pose a serious threat,” according to a statement cited by Pyongyang-based KCNA.

In response, it said it fired two tactical ballistic missiles northeastward. The South Korean military said it detected the launches from the vicinity of Sunan in Pyongyang around 11.40 p.m. (1440GMT) on Wednesday.

The North said its tactical nuclear-armed units conducted the “relevant military activities.”

“The drill is aimed to send a clear message” making the North’s enemies clearly realize its “resolute punitive will and substantive retaliation capabilities,” said the General Staff statement.

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