Over 70 percent of Turks hopeful about future: Survey

Over 70 percent of Turks hopeful about future: Survey

71.1 percent of males and 73 percent of females optimistic about their future, reveals official survey

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Over 70 percent of population was hopeful about their future in Turkey last year, an official survey revealed on Friday.

According to a survey by the Turkish Statistical Institute, 71.1 percent of the total ratio -- which fall on 72.1 -- was male while the female held 73 percent share in 2018.

Last year, Turkey experienced several administrative changes, including a shift to a presidential system of government and decrease in the number of ministries.

The country also made some spurts in the technology area, such as producing indigenous multirole helicopter Gokbey and establishing a space agency.

Meanwhile, 53.4 percent of individuals in Turkey were happy in 2018, down from 58 percent in 2017, the report showed.

"The proportion of individuals who mentioned that they were unhappy increased from 11.1 percent to 12.1 percent," it added.

TurkStat also said this ratio was 49.6 percent in males and 57 percent in females.

In 2018, the Turkish economy was exposed to speculative attacks and Turkish citizens were negatively affected with fluctuations in exchange rates.

In terms of age groups, the highest level of happiness was at 65 and over age group (66.1 percent), while the lowest level of happiness was seen at the 45-54 age group (47.8 percent), the report noted.

In Turkey, 56.3 percent of the married individuals were happy, while the ratio was at 46.7 for the single individuals.

The report also showed that individuals who did not complete the education posted the highest level of happiness with 59 percent.

"It was followed by individuals who were higher education graduates with 53.9 percent, primary education or junior high school graduates with 52.6 percent, primary school graduates with 52.3 percent, high school and equivalent graduates with 51.3 percent, respectively," it detailed.

The report stressed people cited mostly the family as a reason for happiness with 74.2 percent, it was followed by children (12.9 percent), spouse (3.6 percent), themselves (3.3 percent), parents (2.7 percent) and grandchildren (1.8 percent).

The health was the top source of happiness with 69 percent in 2018, while love, success, money and jobs’ ratios were 15.5 percent, 8.8 percent, 4.2 percent, and 2.2 percent, respectively, it noted.

Health insurance is imperative in Turkey, which has been building modern city hospitals since the end of 2017. All citizens can benefit from state hospitals in the country.

Turkey also supports citizens who want to be treated in private hospitals.

"In 2018, while the highest satisfaction level was realized in the public security services with 75.2 percent, it was followed by transportation services with 74.8 percent, health services with 70.4 percent, Social Security Institution services with 63.1 percent, education services with 56.7 percent and judicial services with 56.3 percent, respectively," TurkStat added.

Last year, Turkey made several operations against the terrorist organization YPG/PKK at home and abroad, and the country started to employ night watchmen.


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