PKK bomb attack hits Turkey's Van city: 27 wounded

Bomb attack conducted by PKK terrorists targets provincial headquarters of AK Party in Van; 27 people, including two police officers, wounded in attack

Ersin Çelik
11:10 - 12/09/2016 Pazartesi
Update: 12:40 - 12/09/2016 Pazartesi

The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorists have conducted a bomb attack, targeting the provincial headquarters of ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) of the eastern Turkish province of Van on Monday.

As many as 27 people were wounded, including two policemen, in the attack conducted in the Beşyol district of the city, Diyarbakır Police Chief Suat Ekici said.

Police and ambulances were sent to the scene and firefighters started working to extinguish the fire caused by the blast.

Also, windows of nearby houses and storefronts were shattered in the blast.

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