PKK found to be behind Turkey's Izmir attack

Justice Minister Bozdağ declares, 'There's no doubt that the PKK gave instructions' for the car-bomb attack outside Izmir's courthouse

Editor / Internet Yeni Şafak
Turkish Minister for Justice Bekir Bozdağ has announced that the identities of the terrorists behind Thursday's Izmir attack were determined.

“There is no doubt that the PKK gave instructions to carry out the Izmir attack," said Bozdağ. The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has launched a series of terror attacks across Turkey.

A total of 18 suspects have been detained so far in connection with the bombing and gun attack.

Bozdağ said investigations were still underway, and expressed a message of national solidarity.

“We will continue to be resolute in the face of terrorism," said Bozdağ.

“Just like Ömer Halisdemir did on July 15, our brother Fethi Sekin prevented a huge disaster," said Bozdağ. Ömer Halisdemir was a Turkish soldier who was martyred during the July 15 coup plot. Fethi Sekin was the police officer who pursued and killed one of the terrorists behind the Izmir attack before being martyred.

The car bombing and gunfire outside the main courthouse in Turkey's third largest city, located on its western Aegean coast, killed two people.


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