Police seize over 500 artifacts in central Turkey

Police seize over 500 artifacts in central Turkey

Objects include coins, sculptures, rings and wedges

News Service AA

More than 500 artifacts have been seized in an operation in central Turkey, security sources said Tuesday.
Acting on a tip-off, the provincial gendarmerie teams searched a suspected vehicle in the Sorgun district of Yozgat province, and found the objects.
The items seized included 455 coins, 10 sculptures, 29 rings, 17 seals, five pendants, six arrowheads, one cross, eight metal search detectors, 12 excavation materials, 15 wedges, two dry tight guns, and 22 other objects.
A suspect only identified by the initials H.G. was taken into custody.
Modern day Turkey has been home to many ancient civilizations for thousands of years, and hence, is rich in relics. This has attracted smugglers who often plunder tombs and other archeological sites.
Hundreds of historical objects have been returned to Turkey from abroad in recent years.


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