Russian mother calls for blood donation for son in Turkey

Russian mother calls for blood donation for son in Turkey

Saba Balabanov, 10, diagnosed with rare blood disease last May

News Service AA

A Russian mother has made a call for blood donations for her 10-year-old son receiving treatment in Turkey's metropolitan Istanbul.

Christine Balabanov's son Saba was diagnosed with a rare blood disease last May, caused by Epstein-Barr virus that triggered genetic disorder called XPL.

Saba's disease was discovered while the family was in Georgia over the summer. Catching the flu, Saba also suffered swellings on his neck, Balabanov told Anadolu Agency.

Doctors in Georgia first diagnosed the disease and recommended the family go to Turkey for further treatment, she added. Before the trip, Saba Balabanov had been under intensive care for 25 days.

"Doctors say the chances of recovering from this disease are only through marrow transplant. His own blood is not enough for his body's regeneration and functioning of his internal organs," the mother said.

Christine Balabanov went on to say that four to six units of AB positive blood had been donated every day for over a month.

"At least five people should donate for my son to survive. I expect all who hear our voice to help us," she added.

Saba Balabanov is under treatment at the Altunizade Hospital in Istanbul.


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