Russian PM says US Syria strikes 'one step away' from clashing with Russia

Reuters Agency

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev complained on Friday that U.S. cruise missile strikes on a Syrian airbase were one step away from clashing with the Russian military.

U.S. officials informed Russian forces ahead of the strikes -- intended to punish the Syrian regime for a chemical weapons attack earlier this week -- and avoided hitting Russian personnel.

Satellite imagery suggests the Shayrat air base that was struck is home to Russian special forces and military helicopters, part of the Kremlin's effort to help the Syrian government fight opposition groups.

Medvedev, writing on social media, said the U.S. strikes were illegal and had been "one step away from military clashes with Russia."

First footage shows aftermath of US strike on Syrian base

First footage shows aftermath of US strike on Syrian base

Video footage has emerged showing the aftermath of a U.S. airstrike that targeted al-Shayrat Air Base near Homs in retaliation to the cehmical attack launched by regime fighter jets last Tuesday.


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