Stoltenberg praises Bulgaria's commitment to NATO

NATO appreciates that Bulgaria increased its defense spending by 20% last year and at least 2% this year, says Jens Stoltenberg

07:09 - 28/05/2024 الثلاثاء
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File photo

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg praised Bulglaria's commitment to the alliance.

''Bulgaria is a valued and reliable NATO ally. We appreciate very much what Bulgaria is doing and has done for 20 years to enhance our collective defense to strengthen our shared security. Bulgaria played a critical role for 20 years in maintaining the security of Blacksea, the Western Balkans, and beyond,'' said Stoltenberg at a press conference with Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev.

Stoltenberg said Bulgaria's increased defense spending confirms that the country is a reliable partner.

''Last year Bulgaria increased defense spending by nearly %20 and this year it will meet the guideline of spending %2 of GDP on defense. We appreciate that very much and it confirms that Bulgaria is a reliable partner that helps strengthen our collective defense,'' said Stoltenberg.

NATO member states will mainly focus on three agenda items that include defense and deterrence, support to Ukraine, and global partnerships at the upcoming Washington summit in July, said Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg arrived in the capital Sofia for the Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NPA) between May 25 and 27.

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