Taliban urge World Bank to resume projects in Afghanistan

Progress in Afghanistan 'can be achieved through constructive engagement from international community,' says interim gov't

17:33 - 1/08/2023 Salı
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The interim government in Afghanistan Tuesday called on World Bank to resume incomplete projects in the war-torn country.

Welcoming the latest World Bank report on Afghanistan, the Taliban-led interim Economic Affairs Office said in a statement that the comprehensive economic development and progress in Afghanistan “can be achieved through constructive engagement from the international community, lifting sanctions, and unfreezing assets.”

In addition to disseminating “factual information,” the Taliban called on the World Bank to “resume and complete the projects that were previously funded but remain unfinished.”

It urged international organizations to “transparently share Afghanistan's developments, allowing the world to comprehend the actual situation in the country and the strides being made.”

Boasting decreasing inflation in the country, the Economic Affairs Office said the value of Afghani (Afghanistan’s official currency) against foreign currencies has strengthened which has “led to lower prices for both food and non-food items.”

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