Thousands march in Pakistan's capital in solidarity with Palestinians

Pro-Palestine rallies planned across Pakistan until Oct. 15

17:05 - 10/10/2023 Tuesday
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Thousands marched in Pakistan's capital Islamabad on Tuesday in a show of solidarity with Palestinians, amid clashes between Israel and the Hamas resistance group.

Carrying Palestinian flags and wearing headbands engraved with the slogan "Labbaik ya Gaza," (We are here, Gaza), marchers, including women and children, chanted anti-Israel slogans.

Others carried banners and placards with pictures of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Hamas leaders at the rally organized by Jamat-e-Islami, the country's mainstream religiopolitical party.

The Jamat has announced nationwide rallies from Oct 9 to 15 as part of its "Palestine solidarity week."

"Down with Israel," the protesters chanted in unison as they huddled at Abpara enclave, the heart of the capital.

"Pakistanis stand with Palestinians," "Labbaik ya Aqsa," and "Down with US," were other slogans engraved on posters and banners.

Addressing the rally, the party deputy chief and a former lawmaker, Mian Aslam said that Hamas' latest attacks on Israel were the result of a decade-long silence and ignorance of Palestinian's just rights.

He criticized the West for its double standards, which according to him, opposes the Russian attack on Ukraine but supports Israeli occupation.

In the port city of Karachi, hundreds of students rallied against Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip.

The rally was organized by Islami Jamiat Talaba, the country's largest student organization, at Karachi University with hundreds of male and female students in attendance.

The highlight of the rally was a 200-foot Palestinian flag held by students during their protest against Israel.

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