Thousands rally across Germany demanding climate action

Fridays for Future movement calls on Chancellor Scholz to invest in climate protection, social security for everyone

09:54 - 2/03/2024 Saturday
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File photo

Tens of thousands of people have rallied across Germany on Friday, calling on the government to invest in climate protection and social security.The climate strike of the Fridays for Future youth movement was also supported by the Ver.di trade union, as thousands of local transport workers walked off the job, and joined the demonstrations. In the capital Berlin, a massive crowd gathered in front of the Economic Affairs and Climate Action Ministry to increase pressure on the government over their concerns, demanding stronger action in addressing the climate emergency. Demonstrators carried banners and signs that read: “Climate justice, now,” “Next stop: transport transition,” “Car is over,” “On foot, by bike, by bus and train, to put an end to the car craze,” and “Good work and mobility for everyone”. Organizers have said tens of thousands of people have participated in the demonstrations held in more than 115 cities and towns in Germany. The Fridays for Future movement also released an open letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, urging him to significantly increase investments in the public transport sector, and allocate more funding for social security and job creation. “Young people who have been fighting for more climate protection for years are increasingly pessimistic about the future,” the group said in the letter. They underlined that sustainable and climate-friendly energy transformation can only be achieved by massive investments from the state. “In order to build railways, wind turbines, heating lines, support agricultural businesses and renovate buildings, we need a chancellor who does not shy away from the future. A chancellor who keeps his promise of respect by investing in good work and social equality,” they said.

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