Turkey arrests over 1,000 terror suspects

At least 17 PKK terrorists also neutralized in counter-terrorism operations

News Service AA

Turkish forces arrested over 1,000 terror suspects in a series of counter-terrorism operations across the country over the past week, Interior Ministry said on Monday.

According to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry, a total of 417 counter-terrorism operations were conducted in which 1,191 terror suspects were arrested for their alleged links with PKK, Daesh, FETÖ and leftist organizations.

Out of 1,191 arrested suspects, 241 were allegedly aiding and abetting PKK group, the statement said, adding that 891 of them allegedly have connections with FETO, 31 with Daesh, while 28 have links with leftist terror organizations.

It said the security forces also neutralized 17 PKK terrorists -- four of them were killed, seven were caught alive and six others surrendered.

Around 30 hideouts and 30 improvised explosives were also destroyed in controlled explosions.

The statement stated the security forces also carried out 600 anti-contraband operations in which 880 accused were taken into custody.

It said more than 1,000 kilograms of hashish, 469 kilograms of heroin, 10,731 kilograms of raw hemps, 126,539 kilogram of other drugs, 85,136 kilograms of smuggled cigarettes and 172,752 liters of smuggled fuel were seized in the operations.

As many as 980 suspects were also caught in operations against irregular migrants in the past week.


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