Turkey-backed opposition forces enter Daesh's stronghold

Turkey-backed opposition forces enter Daesh's stronghold

Syria's moderate groups enter Daesh's stronghold in northern Syria amid heavy fighting

News Service Yeni Şafak
Turkey-backed Syrian opposition have entered Jarablus to take the control of the town as part of an offensive coordinated with Turkey to drive Daesh from its stronghold in northern Syria.

Reports said opposition groups fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have entered the town from its southern boundary.

There has been reports of fierce clashes in central parts of the town, located in northern province of Allepo. The offensive has reportedly drawn 5,000 fighters, linked to moderate oppotion forces.

Moderate fighters made significant gains during the operation, codenamed "Euphrates Shield" which aims to secure territory from the threat of the Daesh terror network. At least 46 Daesh terrorists have so far been killed in the operation.

Before their entry to Jarablus, moderate oppostion groups have seized control of five villages in northern Syria as part of an offensive coordinated with Turkey to drive Daesh from the border strip.

The moderate opposition forces, backed by Turkish mechanized units, have continued its eastward advance safely and captured the villages of Kaklijah, Alwaniyah, Tel Shair in Allepo province. They have first captured Kaklijah village, just five kilometers to central Jarabulus.

Military sources say Turkey's retaliation, which began at 05:45 in a pre-dawn attack has continued safely. Dozens of the Turkish military tanks crossed the Syrian territory for the operation, jointly conducted with a coalition of moderate opposition groups, to take Jarablus, Daesh's stronghold on the Euphrates river in northern Syria 'Turkey committed to protecting its border from all threats'


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