Turkey says it continues efforts on joint F-35 jet project

Turkey says it continues efforts on joint F-35 jet project

F-35 fighter jet project partner Turkey to continue to fulfill all its responsibilities and work share

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Turkey's efforts are ongoing to build facilities to service jointly-developed F-35 fighter jets, the country's defense industries chief said on Tuesday.

Ismail Demir announced on Twitter that facilities for the installation and maintenance of various parts for the jointly-developed F-35 fighter jets in the central province of Eskisehir.

"As an F-35 project partner, we are continuing to fulfill all of our responsibilities and share of work," Demir said.

The facility will provide installation and test activities of the engines for the F-35 jests which will enter Turkey’s inventory. Also, F-135 engine maintenance, repair and testing services will be given for the European countries that using F-35 jests.

Established within the scope of Joint Strike Forces (JSF) project -- considered the biggest defense systems supply project in the world -- the facility will be the first suchcenter established in the European region.

The F-35 Program Office announced in 2014 that the first engine maintenance center for the jet would be built in Turkey.

In addition, it allocated for an equal number of engines to be produced in Turkey as those purchased by the country.

Construction of the facility was completed on April 23.


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