Turkey faces speculative attack, not crisis: Banker

Turkey faces speculative attack, not crisis: Banker

Central Bank decisions stop speculative attacks, says Denizbank CEO Hakan Ateş

News Service AA

Turkey is facing a speculative attack rather than an economic crisis, the CEO of a major private lender said on Tuesday.

Speaking at Anadolu Agency's Finance Desk in Istanbul, Denizbank CEO Hakan Ateş stressed: "We can talk about a speculative attack, not a crisis."

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), Central Bank, Treasury, and Capital Markets Board (SPK) are all making timely decisions, he stressed.

He added that the Turkish banking system is solid and that the Central Bank's decisions served to block speculation.

"Turkish people are able to overcome much bigger problems than speculative attacks," Ateş said.


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