Turkey ratifies military, tourism pacts with Pakistan

Turkey ratifies military, tourism pacts with Pakistan

Deals signed during President Erdogan's visit to Islamabad last February aim to strengthen bilateral ties

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Agreements in the fields of military and tourism signed between Turkey and Pakistan took effect after being published in Turkey's Official Gazette on Wednesday.

The accords, signed on Feb. 14 last year during President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Pakistan, are valid for five years and aim to further strengthen bilateral relations.

Ankara and Islamabad agreed to “establish mechanisms for cooperation... in the field of military training.”

The two countries will enhance cooperation in this regard through “education, training and courses provided in military schools” and “on-the-job training in units, headquarters and agencies,” along with “cooperation and contact visits” and “exchange of information and personnel."

They will also increase “cooperation in the fields of military history, military publications, and military museology.”

In tourism, Turkey and Pakistan agreed to boost “tourism investment opportunities” and increase “joint tourism events, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and workshops.”

They will also aim to encourage “use of public and private education facilities to develop tourism education and training opportunities.”

“Exchanging and sharing innovative experience and technologies” and “cooperation and coordination in international forums and organizations related to tourism affairs” are also among the points covered in the pact.


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