Turkey, Syrian Turkmen team up to form United Turkmen Army

The high-profile Syrian Turkmen delegation attends a secret meeting in Ankara to increase cooperation in combating extremist groups and regime forces battling in Turkey's war-torn neighborhood

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13:39 - 28/07/2015 Salı
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A high-level delegation from the Syrian Turkmen Brigades held secret talks in Ankara on Monday to put final touches on a strategy, aiming at developing all armed brigades into a regular Turkmen Army.

Sources in Ankara said the talks have largely revealed the final shape of the United Turkmen Army, who will include 5,000 men. The second round of the talks, which will take place in Ankara on the consecutive second day is expected to focus on division of military duties.

The crucial talks seem to be a part of Turkey's measures which will bee taken against security threats posed by ISIL terrorists, who have been nested on the other side of the border with Syria.

20 senior fighters battling in Aleppo and Bayırbucak have disclosed potential positions where Turkmen forces will be deployed to repel government troops and armed groups, aligned with the regime. “The troops will take defense positions in two main regions; Aleppo and Bayırbucak", said a source, close to the meeting, coordinated by the intelligence agency, or MIT.

Turkmen army will strive to rescue predominantly Turkmen regions, currently held by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, and stop the ongoing campaing that has aimed at changing the demographical make-up in the region.

According to local sources in Bayırbucak, the armed brigades are prepared for fighting in the Turkmen-dominant region north of Latakia, a stronghold of the regime troops.

Ahmet Arnavut became first in command of forces who have been stationed in Bayırbucak, while Lieutenant Tarık Solak has been appointed as the commander of the 2nd Brigade of the coastal division. Ömer Abdullah and Adil Orli have been tasked as field commanders, who will oversee operations targetting the ISIL and al-Assad's loyalists.

“They will lie directly on the route to Latakia's coast, which is one of the most primary targets of the Turkmen army. They will fight to clean the route leading to the Latakia coastline from regime forces and Iranian fighters inside Syria," said an official in Ankara, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Efforts to finalize strategy for the Turkmen force to tackle al-Assad's allied forces in Aleppo are still underway. The largest three Turkmen brigades and other armed groups are expected to unite under the umbrella of the Sultan Murad Brigades, currently battling in this northern Syrian province. The list including names of senior fighters, who have been assigned to crucial tasks in Aleppo has remained undisclosed.

Regular Turkmen Army to show off their shooting skills

The United Turkmen Army is said to be acting with the Turkish troops during Turkey's cross-border operations which will be coordinated by key intelligence officials in Ankara. The united brigades are expected to make their first appearance after all military preparations are completed following the talks in Ankara. Senior Turkmen commanders will show off their troops with a military parade in the Turkmen Mountain region. Members of Turkmen diaspaora are expected to join in the ranks of the new army to defend their land.

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