Turkey to start extraditing Daesh/ISIS members Nov. 11

Turkey to start extraditing Daesh/ISIS members Nov. 11

Turkey to send back Daesh/ISIS members even though home countries do not want them back, says interior minister

News Service AA

Turkey will start extraditing captured Daesh/ISIS terrorists on Nov. 11 to their home countries, according to Turkey’s interior minister.

"PYD[/PKK terror group] releases Daesh [/ISIS] terrorists and we capture them," Süleyman Soylu told an opening ceremony in Turkish capital Ankara.

"We tell Europe that we will send those [Daesh terrorists] back to you, and we hopefully start as of Monday," Soylu said, adding that they are citizens of European countries.

Ankara tells Europe that it will send Daesh/ISIS members back to their own countries, but European countries refuse, saying that Daesh terrorists were denationalized.

"They [European countries] say, we revoked their citizenship so you can do whatever you want [with them]," Soylu added.

"Turkey will extradite them no matter what," he stressed.


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