Turkic world poised to become key player in 'multipolar' era: Turkish parliament speaker

Turkic unity crucial for navigating 'global opportunities and threats,' says Numan Kurtulmus

17:12 - 22/05/2024 Çarşamba
Turkish Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmus
Turkish Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmus

Turkish Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmus said Wednesday that the Turkic world is poised to become a significant actor in the upcoming multipolar world.

"The Turkic world is poised to become one of the significant actors in the forthcoming multipolar world," Kurtulmus said at the defense committee meeting at the Turkish parliament with representatives from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Kurtulmus, who is currently term president for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic States, said the world is going through a challenging period with great opportunities and threats.

"The unity, solidarity, and pursuit of a common future among the Turkic world are not a threat to world peace, but rather an opportunity for ensuring it," he said.

Kurtulmus also underscored that Turkish states, sharing "common values in language, history, culture, and civilization," should come together more often to plan "a stronger future" aligned with "common goals."

- 'Bad neighbor made us homeowner'

He said strength in the defense sector is crucial for "independence and protection against threats."

Ankara has significantly developed its defense industry, which has grown from $5.5 billion in 2002 to $90 billion, making it "one of the world's leading defense industries," he added.

"Türkiye has been striving with great effort to counter the defense-related risks posed by terrorism, regional risks, and geopolitical risks for many years. We can say that a bad neighbor made us a homeowner," he said.

Kurtulmus reiterated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statement that "The world is bigger than five," noting that Turkish states have a responsibility to establish a just and equitable global system, promoting the "equality" of all people and states.

"The idea responsible for the massacre in Gaza, which views some people as first-class humans and others as subhumans, can never bring peace to the world. Therefore, as Turkish states, we must strive to implement an understanding that sees people as equal in creation," he said.

- 'Karabakh is a self-realization of Turk'

Hulusi Akar, chairman of the National Defense Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, also emphasized the need for "increased cooperation" among Turkic states, highlighting the importance of addressing "defense and security issues collectively."

Akar addressed the Karabakh issue, stressing the importance of achieving "permanent peace and stability" in the South Caucasus region and saying: "Karabakh is a symbol. This is an awakening, a self-realization of the Turk."

He also urged for "inclusive solutions" that consider the interests of "all parties involved," emphasizing the need for "solidarity" within the Turkic world.

He called for support for the Turkish Cypriots, saying "Cyprus is our national issue."

"We expect your support for the initiation of direct trade and flights with the Turkish Cypriots, as well as for the realization of direct contacts with the leadership of the Turkish Cypriots."

Lastly, Akar underscored the "humanitarian crisis in Gaza," calling for urgent action to stop the "bloodshed" and establish a cease-fire.

Also attending the meeting were Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and senior officials from Turkic nations.

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