Turkish aerospace engine maker upgrades, repairs Omani Air Force jet engine

Maintenance, repair, technology upgrade carried out on F110-GE-129 engine of Royal Air Force of Oman, says TUSAS Engine Industries

10:54 - 19/03/2024 вторник
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File photo

TUSAS Engine Industries (TEI) repaired and upgraded a turbofan jet engine belonging to the Royal Air Force of Oman, the Turkish company announced on Monday.

"In the first month of 2024, with the dedicated contributions of TEI employees, maintenance, repair, and technology upgrade operations were carried out on an F110-GE-129 engine belonging to the Royal Air Force of Oman," said a statement by the firm, based in Türkiye's capital Ankara.

"In its maintenance of F110 engines, which power F16 and F15 aircraft, TEI has expanded its collaboration with the main engine manufacturer, GE Aerospace, to provide service support for F110 engines in the global fleet," it said, adding that the Omani engine had been delivered flight-ready to the customer having been converted to an F110-GE-129D standard.

TEI noted that it had signed an agreement with GE Aerospace in June last year for the rights to maintain, repair, and overhaul F110 engines for the fleets in Oman and Singapore.

The statement further noted that this effort holds particular importance as an engine belonging to the Royal Air Force of Oman was maintained completely by TEI for the first time. It said this serves as a guide for the Singaporean Air Force's F110-GE-129C engines, which are planned for maintenance, repair, and revision.

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