Turkish Airlines raises breast cancer awareness on flights

Turkish Airlines raises breast cancer awareness on flights

Turkey's national flag carrier says it will raise awareness on 5 domestic, 5 international flights daily through October

News Service AA

Turkey's flag carrier is raising awareness about breast cancer during its flights, it said on Friday.

In a statement, Turkish Airlines said it will raise awareness to the risk of breast cancer on 160 flights on Oct. 15-31, as part of efforts to prioritize the health and safety of its guests.

The company said the first of these flights, which was operated from Istanbul to Ankara, included a special announcement and cabin crew members attaching pink ribbons to their uniforms.

It ran an announcement reminding passengers that breast cancer is the most widespread type of cancer among women in 140 countries, as well as of the importance of early diagnosis in breast cancer.

"Self-awareness saves lives! We wish you a healthy day," the announcement said.

Turkish Airlines said it would continue to raise awareness on breast cancer on five domestic and five international flights every day through October.

Every year, approximately 25,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Turkey, the statement added.


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