Turkish firm constructs state-of-the-art quakeproof buildings
Modular and light steel structures offers environmentalist features, sustainability and earthquake resistance
AA  Thursday 16:22, 28 October 2021
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A Turkish construction firm, Dorce Prefabrik, is constructing earthquake-resistant buildings using the latest technology.

The company is undertaking research and development on modular steel and prefabricated structures, according to a press release on Thursday.

Modular and light steel structures are seen as the construction sector's future, based on many factors such as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, being recyclable, sustainability, mass production, portability and earthquake resistance.

Considering 98% of Turkey's population lives in earthquake risk zones, quakeproof buildings have become more important, the press release said.

Modular buildings are formed by the combination of one or more pre-fabricated (pre-manufactured) modules.

They can be built without a foundation, as well as easily dismantled and transported to another site.

Dorce Prefabrik has carried out projects in 60 countries across six continents -- both in very difficult climatic conditions and under conditions such as political instability, civil war and natural disasters.

Currently, it continues to be active in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and the local market.

The high-strength modular solutions offered by the firm have been used and continue to be used in the projects of public and private sector organizations such as the United Nations and NATO.

In the great earthquake in Turkey's southeastern province Van in the past years, Dorce completed a total of 3,150 emergency living units for the earthquake area in a short period of a month, providing living space for 18,000 people.

In addition, in the 2016 Canakkale earthquake, it offered a closed and warm living space to approximately 700 people with 100 emergency settlement containers in one day.

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