Turkish FM hails World Accreditation Day

Turkish FM hails World Accreditation Day

Accreditation enables overcoming troubles in global trade, says foreign minister

News Service AA

Turkey's foreign minister on Tuesday marked the World Accreditation Day, acknowledging its importance in global trade.

Mevlut Cavusoglu in a statement said there are a range of sectors such as food, tourism, environment and technology which benefit from accreditation policies.

Technical troubles in global trade, he said, have been overcome due to accreditation services, which proved their worth during the coronavirus outbreak with evaluation of masks and protective equipment.

Referring to the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK), Cavusoglu said the organization is a source of confidence both for Turkey and the region.

TURKAK, he said, quickly adapted itself to the latest requirements amid the pandemic, and played its role in increasing Turkey's trade with other countries.

This year’s theme of the annual event focuses on how accreditation improves food safety, supporting the confidence of consumers, suppliers, purchasers, regulators and specifiers in the quality and safety of food.


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