Turkish president, Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidential Council's members discuss relations, global issues

Recep Tayyip Erdogan meets with Denis Becirovic, Zeljko Komsic, Zeljka Cvijanovic on margins of Antalya Diplomacy Forum

15:23 - 2/03/2024 السبت
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Türkiye's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidential Council's Bosnian Member Denis Becirovic, Croatian Member Zeljko Komsic and Serbian Member Zeljka Cvijanovic on Saturday discussed Türkiye-Bosnia Herzegovina relations as well as regional and global issues.

President Erdogan and the council's members met on the sidelines of the Antalya Diplomacy Forum.

“President Erdogan expressed in the meeting that it is crucial for Türkiye to maintain the unity, peace, and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and deepen the relations between the two countries,” Türkiye's Communications Directorate said on X.

Erdogan also underlined Ankara's determination to make sincere and constructive contributions in these matters, emphasizing that these contributions will continue to increase, the directorate said.

“President Erdogan stated that the steps taken for the increase of the bilateral trade volume and collaborations in all fields will continue,” it added.

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